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Paul Gozzo

Paul Gozzo loves life in New England, hockey, fishing, music, travel, works in Real Estate and hates veggies.

Paul Gozzo, a native of Avon, Connecticut, has always been attracted to natural beauty and today believes his love of nature is a result of his upbringing. Growing up through high school at Avon Old Farms School, Paul enjoyed athletics and competition playing soccer, hockey, lacrosse, swimming, diving, and golf. He enrolled at Amherst College upon graduating high school taking a wide variety of classes including several at Umass, Hampshire, Smith and Mount Holyoke as part of the 5 College Curriculum and taking advantage of the opportunity afforded him by Amherst. During his time there, he led the men’s hockey team to the 1996 Eastern College Athletic Conference Championship and later as a senior, he captained the team. Looking back at his 4 years at Amherst, Paul’s fondest memories are of the times spent with his hockey teammates, relationships that he cherishes still today.

From the time he was young, Gozzo also enjoyed serving others and spending time outside, two traits he can directly attribute to the teachings of his parents. He continued to serve his community by volunteering at the Holyoke, Massachusetts YMCA in his college years and throughout his adulthood in various capacities as he has moved about the country including mentoring youth with a focus on young men who do not have a prominent father-figure in their life and also giving back to the game of hockey he loves so much most recently as a volunteer coach with the European Elite Hockey training camp.

While Gozzo had since moved from Western Massachusetts to New York to Miami to Austin to now, New Hampshire, his passion for nature remains a top priority. He was fortunate that his career path angled him toward something he has loved since childhood, Real Estate, and most recently was able to combine his early career in the real estate industry with his love for nature, transitioning from a position of focus on new construction to conservation and renovations. This proved a much better fit for him than his previous post as a research analyst, though he does still maintain his relationships with former clients and staff, he does not miss that business one bit!

Currently, Gozzo serves as the Director of Business Development for RESICAP and has done so since 2013. At the moment, RESICAP already operates in nearly 40 states and by the end of 2018, they predict to have complete coverage in all fifty states for the various services they provide through their wholly owned subsidiary companies. The work is fun and rewarding as are the newly formed and growing relationships both with staff and clients but perhaps the most rewarding to Gozzo is to see formerly neglected properties restored to modern glory for new inhabitants to enjoy.

His career has taken him across the map – New York, Texas, Florida, and New Hampshire, while personal passions for other outdoor activities and music have allowed Gozzo to travel about the world at large with a large list of desired places to go and things to do yet still. When Gozzo isn’t working or pursuing personal passions, he loves spending time with his family and exploring the outdoors as much as possible. Hiking, golfing, hunting, fishing, and spearfishing are just a few of the general areas of interest that he enjoys and Paul is now enjoying sharing his interests with his son. Gozzo also really enjoys checking out new bands and trying new foods, two things he was once shut-off to.

Gozzo has also taken an interest as of late to using social media to learn from others and stay in touch with childhood friends and classmates and as such he is coming around to the need to document some of his activity and experiences through his various social media profiles!


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