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New Hampshire is not necessarily a prime U.S. destination for tourists, especially when compared to its neighboring states of Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. While tourists invading The Granite State can be relied upon generally during the fall foliage season, there are plenty of other unique attractions that attract visitors and adventure seekers alike. Here are 4 of New Hampshire’s most iconic and unique places to visit to help get you started on planning your trip.

Visit New Hampshire’s iconic highways: 

Spanning a little over 30 miles, Kancamagus Highway is regarded as the best scenic byway in the Northeast. No matter the season, this scenic byway has many sights to offer, including fall foliage that compares to none other during the autumn season. This highway also passes through White Mountain National Forest, another must-see destination year-round.

Visit the Castle in the clouds: 

While many people would think Castles are only restricted to the United Kingdom and other rural areas in the 15th and 16th century, New Hampshire has its own version of a castle. The Castle in the Clouds has a phenomenal view of New Hampshire’s best lake: Lake Winnipesaukee. Besides the lake view that is difficult to beat, there are also hikes around the castle that are achievable here as well as learning the history behind the castle. 

Visit Mount Washington Road: 

Undoubtedly, New Hampshire is known for one thing in particular, that is in addition to the lovely state motto, “Live Free or Die’. What I’m thinking about here is the beautiful Mount Washington. Behind this mountain is a steep road that is adventurous to drive up especially in foul weather.  It is known as the oldest man-made attraction in America and offers a once in a lifetime experience. Perhaps you have seen a car or two bragging about this adventure!? (“This Car Climbed Mt. Washington” bumper sticker picture ring a bell?)

Moose : 

One animal that is native to the New Hampshire/northern New England area is a moose. The most prominent place to find moose residing is route 3 that stretches from Pittsburg to the Canadian border. Route 3 not only offers moose sighting which is also referred to as “moose alley”, but there‌ ‌are also roads with curves, historic wooden bridges, and lakes/rivers that are visible along the route. Even if you do not spot any moose, the road itself offers another scenic highway that New Hampshire is known for.