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With the emergence of travel sites that aim to give you the best price to stay at a hotel or travel abroad and new airlines dedicated to solely providing the lowest price for flying, it is more affordable than ever to fly internationally. However, every destination has varying price points depending on the number of tourists and the area. With that being said, here are 4 places to travel abroad that won’t break the bank. 


Argentina is one of the many places most travelers forget about. Since the country lies so close to Antarctica, some people assume this destination is not a good one to escape the brutal winter months in the north. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When it is winter in North America, it is summer in South America! So if you want to ski in your summer or feel warmth in your winter, maybe head to Argentina? And if you go, make sure to stop in the lively capital city of Bueno Aires for some action.. There are many more destinations to visit within Argentina, so you will never be short on options when visiting this scenic country. 


While Thailand has seen more travelers visit the country within the past several years, it still is an affordable place to visit. One of the most inexpensive places to travel, Thailand has an abundance of options for things to see and do and like any other country, Thailand has its own unique natural landscapes, historical attractions, and scenic islands. The capital city, Bangkok, is another place you must visit when in Thailand so maybe start or finish your adventure to Thailand in this wonderful city.


Croatia is one of the European countries that is a must-see but yet won’t break the bank. Croatia offers a lot of natural beauty with no shortage of beautiful beaches including Brac and Hvar. There are also many natural attractions to visit that will keep you busy while you’re touring the country so renting a car and staying in several different towns is a nice way to take in the landscape and meet locals. And if you are a dog lover, in particular a fan of, “Dalmatians”, this is where they came from originally and so you will most definitely see some proud Dalmatians on your visit.


Bolivia is a country landlocked in South America. Most people have never even heard of Bolivia, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Since many travelers do not go out of their way to travel to Bolivia, it is one of the inexpensive options on this list. There are many unique places to visit in Bolivia, including Isla Del Sol and Uyuni Salt Flats which is legendary. Bolivia also boasts the highest lake and golf course in the world, so if altitude swimming or long drives are your thing, you may want to venture down to Bolivia!