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Whether you are planning your next getaway or simply dreaming of places far and near, listening to a travel podcast is a great way to provide entertainment and an escape from reality. Not only could you obtain a wealth of knowledge from listening to other people’s travel experience, but hopefully you will gain a more open mind to new places and cultures. It has worked for me! You could also pick up travel tips, recommendations for specific excursions, and have a laugh hearing stories of what NOT to do while visiting a new destination. Here are five great podcasts that should help to bring out your inner explorer

Travel with Rick Steves

Famously known for his expert travel experience and guides, Rick Steves has a diverse knowledge of travel and multiple destinations across the globe. Along with podcasts, Rick is a travel writer and has several audio tours worth listening to. Because of his notoriety, Rick often has special guests on his hour-long podcast for interviews and an insiders look at locations around the world.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

This podcast is full of expert tips for saving money while you travel. Listen to interviews from bloggers, entrepreneurs, and other travelers to learn more about scoring deals, traveling, and even living a life on the road. If you’ve ever wondered how some people can afford to travel so often, this podcast should serve to teach you why as it will provide you with exceptional advice for scoring great deals and excursions for less.

National Geographic Weekend

Educational and inspiring are two words used to describe the podcast selection through National Geographic Weekend. This is the same iconic publication that has brought us news and stories from around the world for years and now does so through podcasts, providing listeners with a well-rounded experience of travel advice, science, and exploration.

Indie Travel Podcast

Tune into the Indie Travel Podcast episodes for insightful stories told by Craig and Linda, who have been traveling full time since 2006. Their podcast series hopes to inspire others and help people avoid the mistakes that they themselves have made throughout their travels. They’ll provide tons of tips, stories, and an overall passion for exploring the world.

Travel Tales

Travel Tales with Mike Siegel combines Mike’s own recount of his journeys combined with real-life stories from other travels. As a professional stand-up comedian, Mike’s podcast incorporates humor and wit into his often out of the ordinary excursions. I like to listen for pure entertainment and laughs and often times the byproduct is picking up a few travel tips at the same time!