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Not only is getting outside and enjoying the fresh air great for your health, but it is the perfect getaway from technology and the hustle and bustle of our everyday routines. Fortunately, the east coast is pickled with dozens of great campgrounds to choose from. Here are three great campgrounds worth visiting:

Anastasia State Park, Florida

Florida is home to sunny skies and warm temperatures, making it an ideal spot to camp. Head to Anastasia State Park, just south of St. Augustine, and enjoy the 1,600 acres of white sandy beaches, tidal marshes, and dozens of nature trails. There are 139 campsites for campers which are all just a short walk from the beach. The park features a wide array of amenities, including laundry, concessions and restaurants, and watersport rentals. Visitors can partake in the usual beachgoer activities such as fishing, sunbathing, and swimming or hike through the nature trails to view the wide variety of wildlife present. There are over 195 identified bird species at Anastasia State Park, making it the perfect place for bird watching. When you’ve had enough of the sun, head into St. Augustine, just minutes from the park, to explore the oldest European settlement city in the United States.

Natanis Point Campground, Maine

Natanis Point Campground claims to offer a true wilderness camping experience on their property, which is located close to the Canadian border. Each of the campsites are located on the water, offering breathtaking views of the vast lake and mountainous backdrops. Visitors can take ATVs to explore the property or can receive a local hunting guide from the owners. If you are looking to really become one with nature, this campground may be a great choice for you!

Mount Pisgah Campground, North Carolina

Drive twenty minutes down the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, named as one of America’s favorite drives, to Mount Pisgah Campground. This biodiverse area attracts visitors every year to view the rich and beautiful flora and fauna, which is best seen in the fall and spring seasons. The campground sits on top of the beautiful rolling mountains at an elevation of 5,000’. The campground has 70 tent and 70 RV sites, all with access to restroom and shower facilities. As part of the Appalachian Mountains, there are several trails to explore either by foot or mountain bike. Campers can visit the Pisgah Inn for breakfast, lunch, or dinner or can visit the country store for any last minute camping supplies. There are also laundry facilities on site, which come in handy to refresh your wardrobe after a few days of roughin’ it.